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Irene and Sam are incredible people to work and communicate with! My new husband and I were just married there over the weekend and Irene kept me sane and made me feel so calm whenever I spoke to her (which is EXACTLY what a bride needs!) The food was beyond expectations and the chef really knows his stuff!! We ordered an extra station (mashed potato in martini glasses) and they transformed the atrium into this whole smorgasbord of all the fixings and the glasses stacked and sparkling! It was truly incredible! Sam, you have an amazing wait staff and everyone walked away with their bellies full and their "faces a glowing!" Irene, thank you so much for really listening to me and making my ideas a reality! It was beyond my wildest dreams!! - Kayla H.                                

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Catering to the international bride and groom as our banquet halls culinary cuisine includes: Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Chinese, Indian, South Asian and traditional menus for everyone.