New Announcement

Changes to wireless network.

May 2018

Mississauga Grand Banquet & Event Centre (MG) has refreshed and revamped the entire network, wireless and Internet bandwidth services to meet aggressive requirements for its business customers. As part of this network refresh, MG contracted Bell Canada to deliver and install a Commercial unshared Business Internet Dedicated – Optical Ethernet
(BID-OE) Internet circuit as is employed by mid to large businesses, healthcare, and colleges/universities type of set ups. Bell Canada was also contracted to set up a new HPE-Aruba Network  (POE switches) and Wireless APs (new 300 series) to provide facility wide high speed wireless services.  

The infrastructure is in place to support rapid increase in internet circuit speeds as demands grow, without having to change the infrastructure for next 5 to 8 years as enough capacity is built into this latest state of the art equipment to cater to future expansion of Internet applications demands.

MG invites you to test drive the new Internet services available throughout the facility so that your business meetings, workshops, seminars, trade shows, conferences, and all other corporate events can take advantage of our service solutions.

Thank you,

MG Management